So, as you have may have figured out by now my name is David Wilson and I am an SEO!

However, that has not always been the case. Therefore, in this section of my website I hope that I can give you an insight into me as a person, my interests, my background, my education and how I became an SEO.


I have always been interested in technology and the web. Just one look at my laptop will tell you all you need to know about me. Its full customized Windows 7 taskbar, rotating screensavers and Rainmeter interface hide a myriad of tweaked and optimized settings that have been the fruit of many weekends labour. My frequent visits to Lifehacker have fuelled my desire to get the most out of my PC for both efficiency and productivity. I spend a lot of time on my laptop so I do like to have it well organised and customized to my needs.

When I am not tweaking my laptop I am often found learning various aspects of SEO, HTML, CSS and other web management and development practices.

Because my job really is my passion, if I wasn't doing this for a living I would be for fun, so I'm constantly looking to take on new projects to stretch my knowledge and learn new skills. From design to web hosting I want to learn all there is to know about this ever changing industry. Therefore, I can usually be found on either SEOMoz or deeply engaged in my latest experiment.

Away from the computer I have an interest in all things sport related. My two major areas of interest are MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Football (Soccer). I enjoy being active and love spending time at the gym and enjoy welcome breaks from the PC to explore the city at any given opportunity. This gives me time to experiment with another hobby, photography. My ideal night out would be heading to either a relaxing jazz bar or taking in a show or musical, but I am open to practically anything.

I also like to travel. During my university course I managed to travel across the USA and Europe and lived in some truly amazing locations. During my final summer at university I spent 6 months in Madrid, Spain and 4 months in Kiev, Ukraine. This gave me a unique perspective on life. For instance, as I spoke neither Spanish nor Russian and was forced to quickly adapt to my new, strange surroundings.


I have a bachelor’s degree in History and Sociology (Dual Major) where I attained a 2:1 classification (roughly translated as a 3.7 GPA based on my transcripts).

While this is a somewhat different way to enter into a technical profession I feel that it is ideal for a career as an SEO. As so much of my work revolves around crafting engaging content, my degree has enabled me to do this with ease. Due to the nature of my academic course I am able to write about anything and utilize my research skills to find a unique and intriguing topic for blogs and articles. The skills that I learned during my degree are directly applicable to both on-page and off-page SEO and set me apart from a lot of more technical consultants.

In addition to this, my time at university has also taught me to prioritize and forced me to improve my time management skills. As I was living in Madrid, Spain for the final year of my degree I needed to organize my schedule around my flights to class, work commitments and social life. Because if this, I am able to work independently with great efficiency in order to meet deadlines and varying schedules.

Employment Overview

After leaving college at the age of 18 I entered to working world in the form of a gap year. This was my sabbatical from education, designed to give me a wider perspective on life and help me discover my passion. My first job was at a local car dealership where I was initially employed as a salesman. However, during the week trade was slow and all of the sales executives had a second duty. Mine was to maintain the company website, photograph and add cars, draft advertisements and create marketing materials and implement an SEO strategy. I discovered that this was what I wanted to do, and when I was offered a position doing just that for another company I jumped at the chance!

Here my job role was a Marketing Executive and I was part of a team of outsource marketers who went into the offices of our clients and completed various marketing tasks. My main role here was the production of marketing materials and the composition of copy for both print and web. This included Editing HTML, implementing SEO strategies and managing PPC advertising. Here, I discovered that my future lay in the field of digital marketing, and after some research I quickly learnt that content was king. After this, I applied for a place on my degree course and embarked on my studies. During the first summer I travelled to the USA to complete Camp America and during my second summer I travelled Europe and obtained a job in Kiev, Ukraine working for a Jewish charity.

Here, I was once again involved in the production of marketing materials as well as more direct marketing and fundraising.

During and after leaving university I began to work on a freelance basis completing on-page SEO as well as designing various leaflets, posters and business cards for small local businesses.

Following this I was employed as an SEO consultant for a Manchester based web design company. Here I completed both on-page and off-page SEO on various sites constructed using flat HTML, PHP, WordPress, and other content management systems. My time here also taught me other skills such as web design, knowledge of HTML and CSS, how to use various CMS systems, Technical SEO and developed my understanding of cPanel.